Isaac Hamrick

Isaac Hamrick is majoring in Political Science and is from Florence, Kentucky. His hobbies include painting, exercise, reading, and writing a little poetry

He is interested in cartoons, dungeons and dragons and considers fantasy among his top skills.

Ethical Issue of Interest

We asked Isaac to share with us an ethical question that he is interested in. We also asked him to share a video with our readers about that issue.

He said “This posses a very interesting ethical question as to what we believe is harmful and what is considered an expression of rights, but I raise a question of if there is a majority party that does social harm, does this make their majority opinion valid when considering legitimate balances between what is good and bad?”

Check out the video!

More about Issac

What are your future ambitions and how do you think studying ethics might help?

I wish to work in overseas international relations which ethical reasoning is almost always a factor when in negotiation and legislation.

What is one thing you want to do or see change in your community or the world at large?

A goal I would like to see my community attain is people being more socially aware of the political sphere we live in.

Connect with Isaac

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