Call for Nominations – 2023 Ethics in Action Awards

The Cincinnati Ethics Center is accepting nominations for UC’s 2023 Ethics in Action Award. This award is intended to promote and reward actions and methods an individual displays that go above and beyond to promote ethical work in research, scholarship, community and/or workplace.  There will be one, $1,000 award, given in each of the following categories: Community, Faculty, Staff, and Student.

Nominations should include:

  • the name and job title of the nominee
  • a description of the actions taken
  • a description of how those actions are beyond the disciplinary/workplace/community norm
  • the impact of those actions.

Applications should be written for a general audience without specific academic

expertise.  Nominations should not exceed 500 words.  Self-nominations are permitted but must be accompanied by a letter of support from another member of the UC community.  Nominations, in the form of a Word document, should be submitted to: by Monday, March 1, 2022.  Nominations that exceed 500 words and/or received after that date will not be considered.  Winners will be asked to prepare a short video describing their contributions and impact.  Awards will be presented at the annual research awards reception on Friday March 24, culminating Research and Innovation week.

 Examples of actions that might merit this award:

UC Faculty, Staff, Students

  • going above and beyond in the protection of human or animal research subjects (e.g., enhancing participant diversity, engagement, or understanding; developing more humane endpoints for animals)
  • going above and beyond to foster reproducibility of research (e.g., developing/implementing a plan that enhances reproducibility- above regulatory mandates)
  • going above and beyond in efforts to be transparent and ethical about one’s data or statistical methods
  • going above and beyond in sounding an alarm about problematic research or scholarship practices at UC, or taking steps to prevent or remediate problems
  • going above and beyond to be inclusive of community partners in one’s research or scholarship, or following up with them after the fact
  • going above and beyond in efforts to communicate or disseminate one’s research or scholarship via open-access publication or other public-facing venues
  • going above and beyond in designing research or scholarship that is explicitly intended to benefit disadvantaged groups or remediate injustices
  • going above and beyond in demonstrating concern for protecting and including vulnerable, underrepresented, or marginalized groups in the design or dissemination of research or scholarship
  • going above and beyond in putting in place practices, policies, norms, or structures that would foster ethical research, scholarship, or community engagement activities

Greater Cincinnati Community Members

  • going above and beyond in service to the community by bringing people together and/or facilitating difficulty conversations concerning ethical issues the community faces.
  • going above and beyond in terms of working toward a solution to a critical challenge that the Greater Cincinnati Community is facing
  • going above and beyond in terms of serving a critical need in the Greater Cincinnati Community


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