Tre Harris

Tre Harris is majoring in Media Production from Cincinnati, Ohio. His hobbies include Producing beats and Bicycling.

He is interested in Audio Mixing/Mastering and PR to be among his top skills.

He currently works as a part of our Marketing, Media, and Design Team.

Ethical Issue of Interest

We asked Tre to share with us an ethical question that he is interested in. We also asked him to share a video with our readers about that issue.

He said is interested whether “Doping/Drugging In Sports and weightlifting ethical” provides a good argument for doping in competitive sports. Check out the video!

More about Tre

What are your future ambitions and how do you think studying ethics might help?

I plan to become a successful music producer, making a living off of the money from my music. I feel as if ethics will place me on the right path regarding the decisions I make to work with certain people, and also how I should treat people in a certain context. This experience will help me become a better rounded person and make me a more trustworthy resource for ethical reasoning.

What is one thing you want to do or see change in your community or the world at large?

I’d like to see everyone get along in some capacity (our community and the world), if not all capacities. I feel like there is so much hatred in the world that could be solved if everyone realized we are all the same regardless of social status, money, skin color, religion, gender, sex etc.

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