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Dr. Andrew Cullison

Executive Director

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Cullison is the founding executive director of The Cincinnati Ethics Center and comes to us from the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, DePauw University, where he had been its Director for over seven years. The Prindle Institute was the first and oldest ethics institute at a liberal arts college and one of largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country. There he coined the phrase “ethics education and leadership development from the wonder years to the golden years” which describes the kind of work he is most passionate about. As an ethics center director, he specializes in K-12 ethics education, co-curricular ethics programs at the collegiate level for students/faculty/staff, and moral reasoning and leadership development for organizations and corporations. He also conducts workshops for teams and organizations that apply tools from philosophy and ethics to advance their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

He is also a Research Professor in the University of Cincinnati philosophy department. Most of his scholarly work focuses on questions about how we can have moral knowledge. He defends the view that we can have moral knowledge, as well as the view that we sometimes know moral facts on the basis of perception. His current research interests include philosophy and ethics of leadership, moral epistemology, ethics of comedy, ethics of management, work place ethics, entrepreneurial ethics, research ethics, and ethics and technology.

Andy has over 15 peer-reviewed publications including pieces in Philosophical Studies; Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy; American Philosophical QuarterlyPacific Philosophical QuarterlyRatioFaith and PhilosophyReligious Studies; European Journal of Philosophy; and two volumes edited by Oxford University Press. He is also the editor of the Bloomberg Companion to Epistemology.

Born in Cincinnati and raised in the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan area, Andy was eager to return home and do the work he does for the community that reared him. The community facing work that the ethics center was founded to do is one of the main reasons Andy was so excited to become the founding director.

Email: andrew.cullison@uc.edu

Photo of Venus Kent taken by Natalie Grilli, studio N photography

Venus Kent

Program Manager

Highly successful collaborator who aligns differing groups to a shared vision that benefits everyone. Creative problem solver who views challenges as opportunities. Driven to succeed and fueled by commitment and passion to enrich communities and citizen satisfaction. Builds effective and long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders and business leaders. Acknowledged as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert who adapts approach and communication styles to influence others and gain their support. Valued for a warm and friendly demeanor viewed as welcoming by diverse personalities. MBA and BBA degrees.

A born and raised native of Cincinnati with a 30+ year career working within the downtown Cincinnati business community. Notable career accomplishments are the founding of the Downtown Ambassador Program, a clean and safety crew, that still operates throughout downtown Cincinnati and the formulation and submission of the winning bids that brought the 2012 World Choir Games, an international choral competition that had never been held in the United States, and 2014 American Legion Convention to Cincinnati. These events were two of the largest held in the city’s history.  She spent three years discovering her love of restoring old homes through the restoration of her first house, a 1924 Cape Cod style house located in Camp Washington. 

Email: venus.kent@uc.edu

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