Richy Richardson

Richy Richardson is a dual major in Finance and Economics from West Liberty, Ohio. His hobbies include Mock Trial, reading, spending time with friends, and working out.

He is interested in the law and considers communication, public speaking, and interpersonal interaction to be among his top skills.

Ethical Issue of Interest

We asked Richy to share with us an ethical question that he is interested in. We also asked him to share a video with our readers about that issue.

He said is interested whether “The Jury Theorem” provides a good argument for democracy. Check out the video!

More about Richy

What are your future ambitions and how do you think studying ethics might help?

I’m currently a pre-law student and considering law school; additionally, I’m very interested in property redevelopment and investment. I believe strong background in ethics will help further my future law career and improve my moral reasoning and, by extension, leadership skills.

What is one thing you want to do or see change in your community or the world at large?

We need a drastic overhaul of our Campaign Finance and Election laws; I have passionate feelings that our government should more strongly reflect the will of the people and no longer be controlled by monied-interests

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