Greater Cincinnati Regional High School Ethics Bowl Competition Catapults to Top 6 in Country

The 2nd annual Greater Cincinnati Regional High School Ethics Bowl competition will take place Saturday, January 20, at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business building at the University of Cincinnati.

Last year five schools and eight teams competed in the inaugural competition. This year 14 schools and 22 teams from private and public schools are vying for the coveted Champions trophy. According to the National High School Ethics Bowl headquarters this year 44 regionals are being held in 33 states. Only five regionals will host more schools and the majority of them have been involved with the program since its inception in 2012.

Ethics Bowl is an academic competition where students use critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and debate skills to tackle complex moral dilemmas. However, unlike conventional debates where opponents aim to defeat each other, Ethics Bowl encourages students to construct well-reasoned arguments and seek common ground, promoting empathy and understanding. According to Dr. Cullison, “the competition isn’t just about winning; it is about cultivating the ethical leaders of tomorrow. It encourages students to think and talk deeply about ethical issues and empowers them to become responsible, thoughtful citizens that positively impact their communities.”

Since September, area high schools have been deliberating over 16 cases with real-world ethical scenarios mirroring the complexities of today’s society and a broad range of issues like the use of AI in creating images; duties of a spouse when the other faces a terminal illness; government’s right to freeze accounts of individuals. The diversity of cases ensures that the students engage with a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints.

The winner of the Greater Cincinnati Regional will represent Greater Cincinnati in the Northeastern Divisional virtual competition on February 7th. A win at the divisional competition secures their spot at the National Championships in April on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
This year’s competing schools:

Clark Montessori
DePaul Cristo Rey
Gilbert A. Dater
Hughes STEM
James N. Gamble
Mount Healthy (3rd place inaugural year)
Purcell Marion

Roger Bacon
Saint Ursula (2nd place inaugural year)
Shroder St. Xavier (4th place inaugural year)
Summit Country Day
Walnut Hills (reigning Champions)
Western Hills

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